4 Strippers costumes you should have in September

A general summary of the costumes highlighted by leading fashion designers, the color of the night is a key indicator of the color stories that we can expect to see in all areas of the design. This time, these 4 strippers costumes delight us with their inexhaustible creativity. The trendy colors of the spring-summer 2019 season are a palette that inspires confidence and vitality, energy and courage. Cheerful tones create a broad field for creativity. Bright and expressive colors will help translate the most unexpected experiments into reality. While softer tones will balance the expression of the yellow-red range, which, by the way, occupies most of the trend palette.


4 Strippers Suits

Suit 1


The era of warm colors arrives par excellence and, for better or worse, orange is the most powerful. This spring, the color called Turmeric will be your great ally, even more than you think.

Suit 2

Jester Red

How were we going to conceive a season without a powerful red to go every two by three?

Suit 3

Princess blue

Although we know that it can be “strident” if you are not used to the most striking blues, you can always wear it in a single garment (or accessories) to adapt to its power.

Suit 4

Live red

Red Live can be found not only in summer dresses and evening dresses, but also in elements of a work image. In addition, any leather item, from raincoats to elegant handbags will successfully wear this burgundy tone.