5 important tips if you want to start as an erotic dancer

  1. Clothes and shoes: Believe it or not, this means a lot when it comes to generating money, because this generates the look you want on stage, so do not worry about clothes and shoes being very expensive, you should see it as a long-term investment.

Being cute and looking young is what usually brings the most money, because many customers are looking for cute faces and flashy outfits. But, if you already have more than 26 years, do not worry about looking younger, because they are generally bad seen inside and outside the strip club or cabaret.

  1. If you are older than 26 years, it is more advisable to have a very sensual lingerie. The lace of the lingerie can make any skin regardless of age look extremely sexy, but do not abuse, everything is good with prudence.
  2. Not only does your appearance matter, if you have a bad face and bad manners with customers, I hope you are fully aware that you will have a bad reputation and this will affect when you try to get potential customers or just keep your customers. For this reason you should always have a smile on your face, remember that it is your job and that these gentlemen pay for your time. Always have a polite and light conversation, because not all clients are the same and in this job believe me when I tell you that you will meet any kind of person.
  3. The most normal thing that happens inside a strip club is that customers accept dances without having more money in their pocket, for this reason you should always be aware of the following:

– After the previous conversation, explain how your method to collect your services is.

-Make sure your client is consistent before offering more shows.

-Communicate your client the rules of physical contact.

  1. The only income you get is what you earn, so you should strive in the room, take advantage of any opportunity to earn money. Do not waste your time being lazy, drinking all night and sitting in a corner waiting for gentlemen to ask you to dance. You must have the initiative at all times, remember that the club is your temple and the clients are your guests.