What accessories do you need to differentiate yourself as the best stripper dancer?

Differentiated as the best stripper


Costumes: Arm yourself with some essential items that you can adapt with other accessories. Black is a standard color and easily combined with ornaments of other colors, so having several types of lingerie of this tone, will help you to appear that every day you change your clothes. Combine suggestive lace, ribbons or necklines to be the best stripper.

Another element very used and that never leaves you bad is the corsets. These highlight your curves and put in place the contour of your body. Try and get out!

Embellishments and characters: In the market you can acquire infinity of ornaments to acclimate your stripper clothes according to the show you want to present. Things like masks, necklaces and even sexy headdresses will give a different touch to your image. Dare yourself!

Heels: Wear shoes with heels at least 8 cm high. The heels suggest a very sensual attitude, they give a more stylized image of your body and make up one of the primordial garments in this activity. The boots are also very sexy, as long as your dress is short enough to show them in their splendor.

Stockings and garters: Traditional stockings are fine with some dressings, but if you risk using some mesh or with different embroidery splashed on the fabric, you will highlight much more the contour of your legs when making movements.

Accessories that will make you stand out: In the market there are plenty of accessories to make your stripper costume acquire more personality. The more you identify with the show, the more successful you will be. Try wigs of different colors that combine with the dress. Whips are a plus in presentations, as well as wives or chains. If your costume warrants it, you can try some hats or hats that enhance the clothes of a stripper.

An ornament that causes sensation are the feathers, since they stand out in any show for their majesty.

Either way, always think of the combination. Not all accessories fit well with any outfit, so rehearse first and become bold and sensual. Success in your show will be assured if you know how to give it the right sense with the right strioper outfit.