How does our agency work?

Hi! We’re a Strippers Agency. We have 4 years of experience in offering job opportunities to beginner and professional dancers with the best clubs, selected with the aim of protecting the safety of each one of the dancers and who can generate potential income per day, week and month.

Why should I fill out your form?

It is no secret to anyone that the Stripper’s world is taboo in some places, and sometimes we don’t have enough contacts to work with clubs that comply with each of the payment conditions. When working to get a job in an agency, you protect your security. Also as an agency we have legal contracts with each club where they’re established that they must meet all the salary, commissions, benefits and tips established.

Do I have to pay something to the agency?

No! We charge the club directly. You don’t have to pay absolutely anything to work with the club. The Club pays us.

Do you discount your Agency commissions from my salary?

Also, our commissions do not affect your salary, tips or commissions.

How is the process selected?

Once the form is filled out, we will indicate the clubs in which you meet the requirements to work, then you must indicate the date you can work. By sending your form to the club and be accepted. You have 3-7 days to send the ticket and confirm the work (in case of not sending the ticket, the work with the club will be canceled.) When sending the ticket, the dancer will be sent all the address information, club name and phone.

Why don’t they buy the tickets?

Buying tickets it is risky for us because there are dancers who can go to another place of employment or make us lose the investment. That is why all applicants and selected must buy their travel ticket.

Why the agency don’t say the name and address of the club?
As an agency, we don’t charge the dancers anything, by giving the information of the clubs we are risking that the strippers will contract directly with the clubs. That is why as an agency the names of our clubs are confidential. However in our website you can find pictures of the club, country and city where it is located. But we do not provide the name or address once the ticket has been sent.

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