The art of erotic dance

The key to a good erotic dance is to move with determination and sensuality, without appearing clumsy and without the buttons of your shirt getting stuck. Do you want to become the queen of scenarios? We present the definitive guide to make the perfect striptease.

An erotic dance

Practiced in night clubs, the striptease comes from the English strip (undress) and tease (excite). It is an erotic dance show! in which the woman (or the man!) Undresses slowly, removing one by one her clothes to the rhythm of a sensual music. The more clothes the dancer wears, the longer the striptease will last. Because striptease is an excellent preamble for mimes, and you do not have to be professional to practice it.

The preparation

Rehearse in front of the mirror, work your wiggle and your sensuality with your gestures.
Feel like new, you must show yourself at your best, so you must be perfect from head to toe. A small exfoliation will leave your skin soft and satiny.

Obviously, hair removal is mandatory (armpits, legs and English). Then, hydrate your body with a nutritious milk, or better yet, with a shiny oil.

Put on sexy underwear: opt for a pretty set of lace or silk lingerie, preferably black or red. Of course, the bottom and a matching garter belt are indispensable, men go crazy. Here you have a selection with the best options …

Opt for something very sexy and easy to remove: skirt with zipper, booties and blouse (essential to unbutton with languor). The most imaginative can also opt for a more original look for the occasion, depending on the show you want to present: nurse’s gown, schoolgirl uniform, stewardess …

Choose an ambient music: the rhythm should be slow, the sensual chords. An inescapable: You can leave your hat of Joe Cocker, the song with which Kim Basinger made his famous striptease in the movie Nine weeks and a half.

Sift the light: create a sexy atmosphere and disguise your little flaws.
Install your viewer in an armchair: you can handcuff him to liven up the show. (in case of being a private dance)

The technique

During the erotic dance, look into the eyes of your viewers. You must not lose your look. Take the opportunity to throw burning eyes at the rhythm of the music. Attention, nothing to light the dance floor, your movements must be slow and precise.

Play with your hands, caress the parts of your body that you want to focus your attention on.
After dancing for a minute, start undressing. Always start by removing the top part. Take off your shirt, very slowly, undoing one button after another, to play on the frustration and prolong the pleasure. Then, slide it on the ground.

Play with the clothes that you take off: pass your belt around your neck, throw away the red bra …
As you get undressed, approach your viewers and awaken their desire. But be careful, they can not touch you!

Do not hesitate to use accessories for the staging: a chair (for suggestive postures), a hat, a scarf … Unleash your imagination!


Still do not feel comfortable? know that striptease classes are now being taught. Modern clubs offer lessons in pole dance (around an iron bar) and lap dance (with a chair).