Be a classy stripper

Usually when you hear the word “stripper” you think of a girl with little clothes, basic makeup and eager to dance. But it’s not like that, there are several types of stripper styles, among which is the luxury stripper in other words, the classy stripper, which has a dress that is quite elegant but at the same time sexy, a sweet hypnotizing scent and the great elegance of seducing anyone with his voice.

In this post, I will show you how to be a stripper with class it is important to remind you again, that there are different types of styles for the stripper, so if yours is not the label and you feel that your essence is in another style class do not worry It’s just part of your show.

Classy stripper’s outfit

The fundamental basis of all this is the dress, because it is the first attraction that customers see, something very important to note is that you must find a good understanding of the dress with your skin color, sometimes the striking is not the most beautiful or Elegant.
The other, are the heels, generally should be a very long 15cm onwards, all customers are attracted to long legs and very bright, basic colors in the heels such as black, silver or gold are always very good with all kinds of combination of the outfit that you have in your show.

The makeup of a classy stripper

In this part everything depends on what type of outfit you have, how you want to present your show and your image for all customers. But let’s say that the most basic is a good base to cover all the imperfections, in the eyes a pretty attractive design depending on the type of eyes you have and the lips with a painting that takes all the looks, for example if you are white complexion , an ideal paint color would be red.

As the third and last advice, fitness

This is very important, because with a good fitness you will have the confidence to do any kind of show if you are starting in this world of strippers and if you want to impose before the other stripper, this is the best advice you can give .