Best Clubs to start 2020

In the StrippersJob agency we take the task of selecting and ranking the best clubs to start 2020 very seriously, in this post we will explain what are the advantages of the different variety of clubs we have, in which we touch on important issues such as salaries monthly and commissions (drinks, dances and personal tips)


Important tip to select the best clubs

Beyond selecting one of the best clubs to start 2020 it is essential that you take a first look at the theme of the clubs and see if it has something that relates to the type of show you offer, in addition to the types of languages ​​that are handled within the same club.


Club Prague – Czech Republic

This club has a direct approach to a strip club, the club is very interesting because it offers health insurance for all the dancers, they also have a make-up artist who gives their services every night and a clothing designer who goes once a week.

The Prague Club does not offer a monthly salary, but gives a remuneration that you can find out by clicking here

Commissions for drinks from € 400 to € 1600

Dance commissions: Lap dance € 36

Table dance € 40


Club Vienna – Austria

A club with a fairly characteristic style so that its facade only attracts a large number of customers for having an air of exclusivity, this club is an incredible option because of the strategic site in which it is located you can not miss the opportunity if you are accepted In this club.


Daily salary € 40

Commission for drink is 20% (€ 345 – € 2700)

Dance commission 45% for the dancer



Club Gallen – Switzerland

This is a very friendly and incredible club if it is your first time in this area, if you have a European passport the club offers you health insurance, in addition to two types of payments in the salary one monthly and one weekly, to see more information enter here

Commission for drinks from 5% to 15%

Dance commission 15%


Tell us what you think about our selection of the best clubs to start 2020 with good energy.