How to choose a strip club?

In this article we will explain step by step, how to choose a strip club where you feel good, earn a lot of money and spend unforgettable moments.

1.- Get the ideal strip club location

Ok, this step is the most important of the entire list, because depending on the country and province you choose, all the following steps will be followed. For example, if you choose a country that has a high demand in tourism, that would be a good goal, because not only would you have frequent customers, but in high seasons (holidays) you can increase your income in an inexplicable way.

2.- The theme of the strip club
If you can’t visit the clubs before you start working on them, do not worry, try to see as many photos as possible of the club to see how much it adapts to your style and way of working, this will depend a lot on your work performance, remember Shady colors are typical in clubs, but the design of the club matters a lot, basically the theme.

3.- The owners of the strip club


This would be an important point, because depending on the attitude of the different owners of the clubs that you may know throughout your career as a dancer may mean your stay for a couple of additional months or never return again. However it is very important to emphasize that you must read the rules of the clubs well before going to them, because in some they do not use rules that in others if and commonly the girls have a big problem with this because they think that the rules in clubs of strippers is universal. Well it is not so, so you must be very careful to have a working relationship with the owners quite remarkable.

We invite you to review our list of clubs, I assure you that we have what you are looking for.