Christmas makeup for your strip shows

Every day in the shoes of any stripper is usually something very tiring, because to look good you have to put all the effort in the physique mainly, but for makeup lovers, it is about attracting with a look, a smile, any gesture. Preparing is a daily challenge for all the dancers, however with a lot of practice and our advice you will get the best results.

For December we finally

have the opportunity to play with the bold and bright palettes that spend most of their time sitting intact in the back of your beauty drawer. An evening event is an excuse to go crazy with experimental glam. Christmas provides the perfect opportunity to try bright shadows, bold lipstick or some combination of the two. Simply call it a friendly competition with festive decoration.

The decoration nightclub

It is also very important to take into account the decoration that the nightclub has where you want to present your show because it would not be good to have an outfit that does not match the festive lights, so we always advise all our dancers to first think about type of routine that they want to do and then adapt the outfit, makeup and other accessories that they may or may not need on stage.


The makeup must be of very good quality, because really who does not like to look perfect always, we know that the night can be very moved generally so we advise first of all waterproof makeup, as time passes you will become your best friend and you’ll want to take it wherever you go. We also put some demonstrative photos of makeup we recommend for these upcoming holidays and how to miss them.