Club Romina


 Strip Club

Minimum required to work in this club 

  • Minimum age 21 years – maximum 30
  • Good English
  • Very good look and attitude, self confidence
  • Dancing Experiences
  • They need to have passport European or permission work for austria

Club description  

The club is located in the center of the city, most of its customers are tourists who come to ski, is a club of clients with good monetary capacity and is 20km from the shopping centers and is near the train station.

Working conditions

They have medical insurance and a green card.

Very important, girls must respect the rules in the Club, so we can be all comfortable

The respectful handling with the whole team is required!

No drugs!

Intimacies and private meetings with guests will not be tolerated

Salary, Earnings

The girls don’t have a fixed salary. But if you do 6 private dances in one night, the 6th private dance will be paid in full, 50 euros will be paid.

The show passes to the public, the dancer gets 50% of the tips that the clients give for their show. (1 euro each dollar)

Lap dance private commissions and champaing

Privatedance:  Euro 20,00/one song for the dancer

Champagne & drinks: 20 – 25%

VIP / Champagner Area:  

120euro /30 min for the performer

260 euro/60 min for the performer

No touching / no sex! / no private meeting with clients allowed!!


This are the price of the champaing and the commission for the girls









$350  30 min and $800 1 h / 600

Working hours: 

Monday until Thursday: 21:00 – 05:00 o´clock
Friday until Saturday: 21:00 – 06:00 o´clock
Sunday closed

Total working days in the week

6 days in week.


Weekly on Sunday

Duration of contract

2 weeks minimum – 6 weeks maximum


Accommodation is at 3 stations of the club, and the dancers are given a special card to pay for the transfer to the club.

The club has 2 apartments for the dancers accomodation. 2 rooms and 2 kitchens. In every room are living 2 dancers.

You must pay 10 euro per day for the accommodation and transportation every day, the transportation its made by the club driver

Types of shows


2 Songs show, first song dressed and second in topless.

We expect best behavior and the friendly interaction with guests as well as to the whole team!

No chewing gum in the dance area (on stage). Mobile phones are not allowed in the club area.

Promotion special Friday and Saturday

The promotion is that the dancers have to walk a little around the city center, share the Redbull’s with the people and then we meet for 20-30 minutes in the neighborhood bars to have a drink before work.

The girls will wear white jackets witch it’s written mirage on the back

Airplane Ticket

The ticket will be paid by dancer.

Important things to bring

Passport UE or DNI


I want to apply

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4 5 1
Thats great place to make lap dances Austria you can make good money the costumes they like to pay for lap dances

3 5 1
Bueno me pidió la agencia si podia hacer un comentario y así lo hago pero real se puede hacer dinero si pero a mi eso de tener que salir con la camiseta rebull por las calles no me convence nada el trato hacia mi fue normal le doy 50% ni bueno ni malo

5 5 1
I like this place i make my money and also make new friend the boss Romina i wish my best for this club