Club Geneva

Club Geneva Switzerland

Strip Club

Necessary for work

  • Passport European
  • Maximum 30 years old
  • English or Francois


Description of the Club

The club is available Dancers who want to work in Cabaret.

Services striptease topless + consummation + champagne.

The club has a very good reputation since 1968.

Which is why we want to work with young dancers sexy.

If you want to enjoy a pleasant experience, it’s certainly club you are looking for.


Daily Salary

190 chf.

Table dance : 80CHF (40CHF for the club / 40CHF For the girl)

Minimum duration of contract

Minimum one moth.

Stared 1 each month.


Ones in the month total approx. 3.074 chf.

Total working days

5 days week.


Alone: 1200CHF
Shared: 620.CHF

Types of shows

  • Topless

Working hour

At the night.
The club is close every Sunday and Monday

Airplane Ticket

Will be paid by the dancer

The refund of the ticket corresponds to the days worked

1 month – 20 Days   70€

1 month – 24 Days  90€

2 month – 40 Days 140€

2 month – 48 Days 180€

THE AGENCY (not the club) will refund the ticket at the end of your place. Then the club and the dancer will be asked to report the days worked, once confirmed, the ticket will be reimbursed.

Commission for champagne

10% Front 4.000 chf make in one month.

Important things to bring 

  • Passport EU or DNI
  • Every artist need to bring dress (sexy and with color, please avoid black dress)
  • The club offer a black string to finish every show with it
  • Health Insure

Cancellation of place

In case the dancer wants to leave the club, she must notify the club seven (07) days in advance, otherwise she will be deducted from the salary 75 euros for breach of the agreement with the club and the agency.

If the dancer is rejected by the club after being there without any cause. The agency will look for another club for the dancer and will be paid up to 120 EUR for the plane ticket.


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