Club Hannover

Club Germany – Hannover


  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Communicative,serious minded and ambitious
  • Attractive appearance
  • Minimum of english or german language


Daily fix is 50€ , just Friday is 55€ and Saturday 60€, but the girls will receive all of it in their last day of work, only commissions will be paid every day after work.



Private dance: 50€ (two songs) for the girls 20€
VIP Dance: 50€ (one song) for the girls 20€
Table dance: 50€ for the girls 20€
Little Cocktail: 15€  for the girls 5€
Big Cocktail: 30€  for the girls 10€
Piccolo: 30€ for the girls 10€
Sekt Bottle: 180€ for the girls 50€
Champagne: cheapest is 300€ for the girls 75€
Prices between 300€-850€
V.I.P: 30 min 120€ for the girls 50€
1 hour 200€ for the girls 80€
+ commission % from drinks


50% and the guests can buy house dollars for the girls and they can give them during the stage show or/and after it.

Working Hours

Opened from
20:00 until 4:00
Friday 20:00-05:00
Saturday 20:00-06:00
Monday closed.


Private Apartment, 2 min by walk, max. 3 girls in one room for free, wash machine, wifi etc.


The dancers have to buy their own ticket(airplane/bus/etc.)

Dress code

Dancers must be dressed in sexy outfits( lingerie, body, long/short dresses, etc)

valid ID or passport

Airplane Ticket

Will be paid by the dancer

Cancellation of place

If the dancer does not comply with the agreed time, the club will place a fine on her salary.

If the dancer is rejected by the club after being there without any cause. The agency will look for another club for the dancer and will be paid up to 120 EUR for the plane ticket.


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4 5 1
If you want to earn a lot of money in a short time this is the most ideal club, the commissions are very good and also customers tend to leave tips that are incredible

2 5 1
Good afternoon, I would like please to have more info about the accommodation and the commisions.. To understand better how I will get per commition, If I'll earn all the amount you write on or just a percentage. Thanks in advance, KuroNeko

5 5 1
Hi Hannover its cool place but the club if you have energy for make your money its lot of people ! i get pregnant now so i can not back more but i was good experience .....