Club Karsen

Club Karsen


Minimum required to work in this club

  • European passport.
  • Minimum age of 21 years.
  • Minimum level of English.

Club’s description

Personally I like this club a lot, we have 3 strip clubs in the center of Copenhagen where all the businessmen meet, this helps in finding good opportunities.

These are one of the oldest clubs in Copenhagen. In two of the clubs we usually have from 10 to 15 girls and in one of them we have 6 to 8 approximately. The girls usually gets some stability and they stay in this club for 1 or 7 years, so if you like stability and tranquility I recommend you this club, of course with a good payout.

This club payout’s €60 diary, and commissions from champagne and lap-dance, their strong point are the tips, if you make 4000 kr (€550 approximately) you can ask your €400 and go on with that.

The dancer’s payout with the base salary, commissions and tips is €3.500 to €8.000.


Working conditions

  • Daily salary

€60 (converted into 450 DKK).

  • Lap dance private commissions

1 lap song, about 5 mins (completely naked, no sex) 300 kr for the dancer (converted to €45).

  • Tips

The tips that the customer pays the dancer IN CASH are 100% for girl.

In this club the tips can be front 2000 kr (€266) to 7000 kr (€1.000).

  • Commission for the champagne 

15% of the champagne price (prices from €130 to €3.500)

  • Duration of contract

Minimum 1 month

  • Working Schedule ( This owner has  two Clubs )

1 Club goes from 21.30 pm to 5.00 am every day

2 club goes from 21.00 pm to 5.00 am from Monday to Saturday ( 2 days week front 19.00 pm to 2.00 am )

  • Total working days in the week

6 days a week.

If the dancer don’t send an airplane ticket to make her reservation, she will have to pay 75 euros to the agency, once her place is filled, the money will be returned. In case of not fulfilling your attendance or place the agency will keep the money paid by the dancer.


The accommodation is equipped with a kitchen based on single rooms.

Independent €15 per day.
This will be paid within the salary.

Types of shows

  • Dance to the public
  • Private lap dances

All dance include strip and end of the by the end of the song the dancer should be complete naked

Dance night passes by the public

It will be made 4 passes per night (depends on the customers) If extra dance is done, €13 per pass will be paid.

Airplane Ticket

Will be paid by the dancer.

Important things to bring

European passport.
You can bring your own music or the club will provides it.
Bed refill provided.
Towels not provided.

Danish taxation

The dancers will pay Danish taxes, the club prepares all the necessary documentation.

18% of first month’s salary (not on tips or the lap dance).


I want to apply

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4 5 1
This city makes this club a gold mine for any dancer interested in earning a lot of money. I also leave the club with an excellent experience, I will return as soon as possible

4 5 1
Relaxing atmosphere, nice situation

5 5 1
In this club i have work for 7 years son its the place i have long time work its time to chances but i recommend this place if you are strong woman and go for make money ! also the costumes the most the have class that its important for my