Club Macau

Club Macau

Strip Club 

Minimum age required to work in this club

  • This club accepts dancers of almost any country if the dancer has the appropriate conditions for position
  • Minimum level of English

Steps to apply for this position

1.- Submit the application form

2.- Video call with the agency

3.- A video for the Club in lingerie and talking about herself In English and telling why she does apply for this job

Once that her place is approved the dancer will receive two explanatory documents for her arrival and of the documentation to submit for her contract, likewise, the agency is willing to solve any doubts that may arise about any of these matters.

  • Note; Whenever you arrive to the Club, you will have to wait till your blood test and traces are ready, what means about 7-10 days. This process has a daily working warranty of 600 MOP. 

Club description

The Club of Macau is called “The Chinese Las Vegas”. It is a place where money is in the air, its clients are mostly rich Wester or tourists from all over the world. It’s a good job opportunity to get to know other cultures and enjoy the wonders of Macau without forgetting the main goal, earn and raise a good profit.

The minimum contract of this club is three (03) months and can not be canceled, in case it is necessary to cancel the contract for any reason the dancer must be aware of the conditions of the club.

Approximated earnings from 15,000 MOP to 60.000 Mop (from 1600 euros to 6600 euros) (2 weeks of work)


Salary is a guarantee, Example:

From 6600 MOP To 9000 MOP  (from 720 euros to 900 euros) (for 2 weeks minimum worked 11 days)

Salary is a warranty if you make this amount working you are not paid the warranty but if you don’t reach the warranty you are paid up to your warranty. For being able to have the warranty, you will have to work a minimum of 11-day work every two weeks (15 days) 

  • Daily Salary
    • 600 MOP (65,67 euros)  (With Lingerie)
    • 700 MOP (76.61 euros) (Toppless)
    • Salary is paid every 2 weeks.
  • Lap Dance Private commissions
    • 50%
  • Champagne and food Comission
    • 25% Champagne
    • 20% Other drinks
    • 20% Club Restaurant food
  • Tips
    • Tips are for dancers on a 100% basis
  • Duration of the contract*
    • 3 months is the minimum of the contract. You can extend your contract if you give two weeks notice in advance.
    • The application process can last for minimum 10 days so you will have to apply at least 2 weeks earlier.
    • We remind you that if the dancer does not sell any bottle of drink or doesn’t performances Lap Dances, the Club will be able to finish the contract finishing your work sooner than agreed.
  • Hours of work
    • The night work hours of the dancers will begin according to the agreed schedule. There are two shifts:
    •  8:30 pm until 4:30 am
    •  10:00 pm until 6:00 am

Working days

6 Days a week

  • You are off one day a week.
  • Dancers can work without day-offs, but that does not affect the contract duration.


The accommodation is equipped with a kitchen and bathroom and is based on shared rooms

It will be paid within the salary. Every 15 days

The fee for 15 Days is 1750 MOP (191 Euros) (Discounted of your salary)

Shows Types

  • Public Dances
  • Private Dances

Flight ticket

The flight ticket will be refunded whenever your 3 months contract is finished with a maximum of 1000 dollars and submitting your receipt to the Club

Note: Once you make the reservation, you must send us a proof of the flight ticket before ten days, otherwise your stay will be cancelled.

Important things to bring

Minimum 300 euros for your expenses when you arrive and in order to be able to change your currency to MOP


  • Must include in your suitcase
  • Lingerie
  • Dresses with Bright on them
  • Long dress
  • Red and black dress
  • Shorts or long trousers are not accepted
  • Strippers shoes


I want to apply

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5 5 1
Este club es para ir preparada a trabajar y ganar dinero , quizás es un poco exigente pero tiene su recompensa cuando vuelves a casa con el bolsillo lleno ! lo recomiendo para mujeres trabajadoras .....

4 5 1
hola acabo de llegar al club bueno me hicieron una prueba de sangre para poder comenzar y ahi mucha gente en este lugar eso me estresa un poco pero los clientes pagan con facilidad así que con eso me quedo

5 5 1
cool place !