Club Jesper

Club Jesper


Minimum required to work in this club

  • Minimum 23 years old
  • European Passport
  • English


This club is considered one of the best, the system makes it very practical for the dancer get your good profits and thus want to return. It is very focused on Lap Dance of all kinds. It’s a club that you must go prepared to work hard, because it’s one of the strongest club in Europe. They usually have 10 to 15 girls depends on the season.

The insides are very elegant with red tones that make it be more focused on exotic dance. They are very strict on the physical aspect and the rules of the club. We recommend this club for you to be working for a while and take advantages of the benefits, because if you’re prepared to work you can get to provide a good salary.


Dancer must pay Danish tax and Danish taxes are deducted from all earned amounts before payout.

As a rule of thumb the Dancer must pay 20-25% in tax.


Potential earnings 

The Dancer is expected to earn €1.000-4.000 per week.

The earnings are varying depending on each dancer skills, drive and luck.

Working Conditions

  • Daily salary

€70 (converted to 500 DKK)

  • Bonus for holiday

Dancer will get 12.5% of the earn money, if the dancer stay to the end of the contract.

  • Tips

Tips are shared with the Club 50/50%.

Lap dance private commissions

  • Commission of private show

The dancer gets 500 DKK (€66) from private dance show one song.

  • Commission of private show combined with champagne sale

The dancer gets 500 DKK (€66) from private dance show plus 15% on consumption of champagne bottles, from 2.200 DKK (€293) to 75.000 DKK (€10.000).

Private dance show is usually full striptease (fully nude), unless client wishes only topless show.

The duration of private dance show depends on time it takes to drink the champagne or the agreement between dancer and the customer.

Commission for the champaign

10% Front Piccolo

15% throughout the Champaign (prices from €300 up to €7.500)

Duration of contract

Minimum 1 month

Working hours

5 days work week

Sunday Off

Monday Off

Tuesday 20:00 – 04:00

Wednesday 20:00 – 04:00

Thursday 20:00 – 04:00

Friday 20:00 – 06:00

Saturday 20:00 – 06:00


The Club offers to dancer accommodation in apartment, located just one minute from the Club.

In the apartment, there is a kitchen, bathroom and common living room with flat screen TV, the whole apartment has also free wireless internet.

Apartment is shared by 4 dancers and has a large shared bedroom. Dancer doesn’t have to bring towels, bed linen, it is all provided.

If apartment is fully booked, then the Club provides accommodation in a hotel very close to The Club in shared double rooms.

Accommodation in apartment or in hotel costs 100 DKK (approx. €13) per day per dancer.


  • Stage shows

Dancer is to perform up to 5 shows (one song) per night.

The Club decides how many the dancer performs (1-5).

Music for stage show will be delivered by the Club.

Stage shows are full striptease just in the end of the show.

The dancer can propose her own music, but she should have more than one song (ideal 5 different songs for each stage shows).

  • Dance shows 

Dancer is supposed to present variation of dance performance e.g. pole dance, lap dance, chair dance, table dance or other sensual dance style. It should present high level of performance.

Dancer may be able to use different equipment and costumes when dancing.

Dress code for the dancer

Dancer has to wear long dress (how decent-elegant or sexy-erotic is a matter of the personality and depends on the individual dancer), high-heel platform shoes (no boots), evening makeup.

Dancer must have manicured and well cared hands, well styled and always clean hair.

Airplane Ticket

Will be paid by the dancer

Important things to bring

  • Passport / I.D.
  • Card
  • IBAN number (International Bank Account Number) are essential when you work at the Club.


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4 5 1
This is a very good club, nice owners and faster money, so I recommend this club. I back like 5 times this year and I will be there in a few days again

5 5 1
Hola chicas yo he estado trabajando para Jesper tiene los lap dances a 60 e ..... al principio pensaba que poquito pero una vez me di cuenta que hacia de 3-5 y subía a 300-500 e por noche dije me merecio la pena este club .

1 5 1
I will say i have been only 2 days and i left i don't like to red place .