Club Morten

Club Morten

Strip Club

Minimum working conditions

  • European passport
  • Minimum age 18 years.
  • Minimum English
  • Good physic

Description of the club

It’s a strip club that is in a good area of Copenhagen. The insides of the club is very nice and the club bosses are quite strict with the rules, but you can make good money if you follow the rules properly.

This strip club dancers recommend to know

That they can make good money just dancing, as is forbidden any contact with the client of any kind, and in private are not allowed to touch the girl, can only stay in topless.

Usually, they have between 10 and 15 girls, sometimes up to 20 girls, this club is one of the best in Copenhagen to earn money.


Estimated monthly salary

5.000 to 10.000

Working conditions

150 kr per pass (converted €20). They have a commitment to pay at the club of 1.000 dk month ( approx. €123 )

The club offers a guarantee payment of € 70 per night.

  • Commissions and types of lap dances

The system packs would explain to the girl when they come to the club. But the system is made for the girl to make good money, and are paid in cash in the end the night ( Lap dances packages only )

Champaign commissions 15% of all champaign

  • Contract period

At least 4 weeks.

  • Working hours

The club it’s open every day 21.00 h until 05.00 h
21.00 h until 07.00 h Friday and Saturday
Club open 7 days week

  • Total days worked a week

At least 5 days a week.

If the dancer don’t send an airplane ticket to make her reservation, she will have to pay 75 euros to the agency, once her place is filled, the money will be returned. In case of not fulfilling your attendance or place the agency will keep the money paid by the dancer.


1 monthly time, the first week of each month.


Price per month large room 3.500 kr

Independent room + 1.000 kr.

It includes drinks such as wine, water, fruits, chips, candy.

The apartments are just 1 minute club, It’s required to live in apartments club for more control over girls and see that there leave with customers.

Types of shows

  • Stage dance.
  • Shows.
  • V.I.P.

Dance night passes by the public

1­ – 5 night passes (2 songs) full nude in the end the song

Topples ( Private dances )

Airplane Ticket

The ticket will be paid by dancer.

Cancellation of place

In case of having to leave the club, the dancer must notify the club seven (07) days in advance, otherwise she must pay the agency seven (07) days for non-compliance with the agreement with the club and the agency.

Important things to bring

  • European passport.
  • Long dresses.
  • High heels.
  • Account information

Dress form

Long dress until 02:00 or 03:00. After this time you can use short dresses.

The goal is to make an elegance and distinction from other clubs.

Fees for danish

Yes you pay Taxas Danish front the Salary and commission , should ask the club about this.

I want to apply

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5 5 1
Hola Chicas el Club de Morten es bueno para las profesionales del baile y con buen físico , son extrictos con las normas pero correcto con los pagos ......eso si es un hermoso Club !

4 5 1
I am in love with the club is very beautiful, the ambience is tenuous is incredible for a classic show, besides that the tips are very good for regular customers.

5 5 1
There are nice place maybe with rules sometime can be to much for my ....but i will recommend if you want to make same money !