Club Prague

Club Prague


Minimum required to work in this club 

  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Good English or Germany
  • Very good look and attitude, self confidence
  • Dancing Experiences
  • They need to have passport European or permission work

Club description  

Club is situated in the center of Prague, Wenceslas Square.

It’s the best club in Prague and ones the best in the world.

They coming customers from all around the world, mostly on vacation or stay party with friends.

Womans they can make between €200 – €1500 night.

If you try this Club, you never want to go again, wanna try?

The club offer to the dancers a health insure.

Working conditions

Very important, girls must respect the rules in the Club, so we can be all comfortable

Make up artists in the Club every night, dress designer once a week

Salary, Earnings

Without a fee from the house, the club guarantees the dancer in case of not having a private dance or sale of drinks € 32 from Sunday to Thursday.

Lap dance private commissions and champaing

From lap dances/table dances + consummation (for example)

€36 from Lap dance

€40 from Table dance

€180 from 60 minutes

Champagne room (consummation from) €400 to €1.600


  • Tipping dollars

Tips it’s shared with the club 50/50%.

Also you can use the tips for food and clothes and drinks

Duration of contract

Minimum contract two weeks.

Long not limit.

Working hours

Sunday – Thursday 20:30 – 05:00.

Friday + Saturday 20:30 – 06:00.

Sunday – Thursday: 15 – 25 Girls.

Friday + Saturday 25 – 45 Girls.

Dancers need to be there 20 hours.

Total working days in the week

6 days in week.


Payment every Thursday.


Apartment with rooms shared with others dancers, bath room, toilet, kitchen, wash machine, fridge, microwave, stove, basic kitchen equipment.

Free WiFi.

Regular cleaning and change linen.

  • Prices room

The room is 200 euros month

They must pay 80 euros when they arrive at the club
120 euros in the following week is deducted from the salary


The clubs give first night free, then one day 400 Czk ( €16)

13 and more days (13 – 30 days) 5000 Czk ( €200)

Types of shows

Pools dances class.

Shifts on agreement with choreographers or managers.

  • Lap Dance
  • Table Dance
  • Strip
  • Cabaret (NO SEX).

Airplane Ticket

Ticket pay by dancer

The refund of the ticket corresponds to the days worked

1 month – 20 Days   80€

1 month – 24 Days  100€

2 month – 20 Days 160€

2 month – 48 Days 200€

THE AGENCY (not the club) will refund the ticket at the end of your place. Then the club and the dancer will be asked to report the days worked, once confirmed, the ticket will be reimbursed.

Important things to bring

Passport UE or DNI

Cancellation of place

In case the dancer wants to leave the club, she must notify the club seven (07) days in advance, otherwise she will be deducted from the salary 75 euros for breach of the agreement with the club and the agency.

If the dancer is rejected by the club after being there without any cause. The agency will look for another club for the dancer and will be paid up to 120 EUR for the plane ticket.




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5 5 1
This is the best club in Prague, a lot of new customers everyday and good tips. So recommend!!!

5 5 1
Well its nice place in my opinion i have not work there but i was with same friends and the dancers and club very good ambiente i will recommend

4 5 1
I have work in club praga for many moths like and i make my money ...... the others dancers i like too nice people ......