Club Gallen

Switzerland – St. Gallen

Minimum required to work in this club


  • Minimum 19 years old of age.
  • Nice, slim body shape.
  • Good communications skills, good self-confidence.
  • Beginners are welcome, training can be provided.
  • European Passport
  • Permiss work
  • English or German conversational knowledge.

Description of the club

In the club are working between 10-15 dancers.

Competent club management, nice and friendly ambiance.

The club offer a health insure for the dancers with passport

And the dancers with permission will have to buy their own travel secure or medical secure


Potential earnings

CHF 3.300 – CHF 9.000 per month, depending on individual experience.

Working Conditions

Salary, Earnings

The club offers two optional payment options:

  • Monthly: 2200chf minus 200chf for the accommodation and has a minimum commission percentage.
  • Weekly: What you do is reflected in this list:
Time Girl’s   %
Cupli19 15-20 Min. 3
Cumpli champagner 27 15-20 Min 5
Lady drinks 29 15-20 Min 6
PICCOLO 38 15-20 Min 7
FL champagner 250 60 min 44
FL champagner 270 60 min 48
FL champagner 310 60 min 52
FL champagner 360 60 min 58
FL champagner 410 60 min 66
FL champagner 570 60 min 108
FL champagner 590 60 min 114
FL 20% 60 min
Private dance (Kabine) 50 1 SONG 25
Private dance (Kabine) 90 2 SONGS 45
Table dance (on the table) 70 1 SONG 35
Table dance (on the table) 130 2 SONGS 65
PAK I 80 15 MIN 30
Inkl. 1 T. Dance
PAK II 180 30 MIN 55
HM 3,75 dl + Bier
Inkl. 1 T. Dance
PAK III 250 45 MIN 85
HM 3,75 dl + 2 L. drinks
Inkl. 2 T. Dance
PAK IV 350 60 MIN 115
HM 75 dl + 2 L. drinks
Inkl. 3 T. Dance
PAK V 520 90 MIN 150
HM Magnum + 3 L. drinks
Inkl. 3 T. Dance
Jakuzzi 350 30 MIN 85
HM 3,75 dl
1 Girl in Begleitung
Jakuzzi 520 60 MIN 145
HM 7,5 dl
1 Girl in Begleitung
Jakuzzi 1500 60 MIN 460
2 Ff Dom Perignon
4 Girl in Begleitung
Mummm pak 440 60 MIN 75
laurent pak 500 60 MIN 85
Moet pak 560 60 MIN 95
Nectar pak 620 60 MIN 105
Veuve Pak 620 60 MIN 105
DomPer Pak 910 60 MIN 135

Payments are made every month. Money in advance can be asked any time when need it.

Important: if the dancer doesn’t has a high performance on beverages sales, thr 3000chf minimum for two weeks then automatically it will pass to the second option.
Also it’ll pass to the second payment option if the dancer do not accomplish the full month


Lap dance private commissions

15% from private dances (Prices between CHF 50 to 160).

Commission for the champaign

5% from drinks if sells more then CHF 5.000 in the month.

10% from drinks if sells more then CHF 10.000 in the month.

15% from drinks if sells more then CHF 20.000 in the month.

(prices between CHF 19 to 1.500)

Duration of contract

Minimum 1 month

If the Dancer has not good results in selling drinks, the Contract will be canceled.

Length of contract

Contract length is for 1 month up to 12 months.

 Working hours

From Monday  to Saturday – 22:00 to 7:00

Work dancers 5-6  days Week


Dancers accommodation is provided by the Club, and cost CHF 200/ month, double rooms with bathroom, and sharing Kitchen (with microwave, oven, fridge), Living room (TV | cable, WiFi).

If they have second option 100 CHF week .

Shopping center, Cinema, Aqua-Park, Fitness center are just near by the accommodation.

Bed sheets are not offered, please bring your own ones.


Stage shows

The Club decides how many the dancer performs (1-5) in the night.

Dress code for the dancer

The Dancer will dress as per individual club instructions. Please ensure that you will have dance wear to include short dress, fantasy outfits, shoes and relevant accessories for stage shows.

Airplane Ticket

Will be paid by the dancer

Important things to bring

Passport / I.D.

Cancellation of place

In case of having to withdraw from the club, the dancer must notify seven (07) days in advance. You must cancel a 300CHF ticket, this will be deducted from your salary.

If the dancer is rejected by the club after being there without any cause. The agency will look for another club for the dancer and will be paid up to 120 EUR for the plane ticket.


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4 5 1
This club is very nice, the ambience of the club is the best and the owner's treatment is super friendly. Stay with an excellent experience with this club maybe come back soon

4 5 1
A todas las chicas que quieran venir a este club por trabajo les cuento que es un ambiente bastante tranquilo los chicos que vienen aquí son respetuosos , el ambiente laboral con las demás chicas es bastante agradable ellas siempre están atenta para ayudarte en lo que necesites , las instalaciones que tenemos para vivir son muy cómodas tenemos un pequeño gimnasio donde entrenamos todos los días

5 5 1
Este club para mi gusto es muy tranquilo y relajado .....tiene un buen sueldo y puedes ir trabajando con tranquilidad ! Yo le he puesto 5 estrellas por el trato que tiene el Club hacia a mi .