Club Vienna ENG


Necessary for work

  • Passport European
  • Maximum 30 years old
  • English, German or Spanish.



Daily salary

Fixed salary 40€ Dancers

Hostess 20€

Hostess she don’t dance but have same condition only salary it’s smaller

Consumation 20%, prices are between 345€ -2700€

Comission from private dance: one dance costs 45€, girl gets 20€

Private dance on the Credit Card it’s 16 € for girl ( we like to have privat dance cash it’s better for the dancer )

One Hills dollar costs 1€, girl gets 0,50€

Minimum duration of contract

Minimum one moth.



Comissions and fixed salary are paid by the end of the week.



Free, 2 girls in one room, the girls have to brong theirs own bedlinen.  Appartment is located 15 min from the club

All the girls need to have working papers .

25 % only from consummation it’s taxes for registration and insurance.


Types of shows

  • Stage show : 3 songs, topless.


Working hour

Monday-Sunday 21:30-5:00

Airplane Ticket

Will be paid by the dancer

The refund of the ticket corresponds to the days worked

1 month – 20 Days   80€

1 month – 24 Days  100€

2 month – 20 Days 160€

2 month – 48 Days 200€

THE AGENCY (not the club) will refund the ticket at the end of your place. Then the club and the dancer will be asked to report the days worked, once confirmed, the ticket will be reimbursed.

Important things to bring

  • Passport EU or DNI
  • Every artist need to bring dress (sexy and with color, please avoid black dress)
  • You must bring sheets and towels.

Cancellation of place

In case the dancer wants to leave the club, she must notify the club seven (07) days in advance, otherwise she will be deducted from the salary 75 euros for breach of the agreement with the club and the agency.

If the dancer is rejected by the club after being there without any cause. The agency will look for another club for the dancer and will be paid up to 120 EUR for the plane ticket.



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