House Girona, Spain

House Girona, Spain (PLATJA D ARO)


Minimum requires to work in this club

  • Must speak at least one of these languages: Spanish / English or French.
  • Very good looking, Good attitude and confidence in herself.
  • Girls with or without experience are accepted.
  • You need to have a European Passport or work permit.
  • Minimum Age: 21 years

House Rules 

The services will be 50% house 50% employee

Tips are 100% for the employee


  • Free Accommodation (But will be required the first 200 euros for a deposit, this deposit will be returned once the employee finnishes the place)
  • Food included (There will be a list with the basics paid by the house, if you want an extra, will be cover by the employee)
  • Free transportation to go to work

Term of the work

Minimum 10 days

Working hours: From 10: 00 am to 00 am

If the girl makes a place of only 10 days, she will not be able to have a day off, but if the girl makes a place of more than ten days in a row, the girl can have it, one day off per week


Will be a daily payment at the end of the day, no later than the next day.

Flying ticket or arrival transportation to the house will be paid by the dancer.

Important things to bring

* EU passport or DNI
* One month old blood test.
* Appropriate clothing


Once your aplication will be accepted, you will have to send the flying ticket, ticket transport or deposit of 75 euros, taking 3-7 days to keep your reservation from the moment the place is confirmed

Cancellation of the place

In the case the girl wants to leave the house, she must notify the house seven (03) days in advance, otherwise this action will be deducted from the salary.

The house reserves the right that if the girl does not work, she will be notified 3 days in advance to finish her place


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