The new Kakadu Club – A Strip club for true gentlemens !
– For those who’ve already been working here before. We just wanna inform, that Kakadu Club now has new owners from 2020 who took over the oldest gentlemen club in the center of Copenhagen and with that said we now look for a fresh start with new professional Dancers.

We are placed between all the hotels at the center of Copenhagen. Which gives us a very busy night everyday, which means we always need dancers.

What do we Offer:
We offer dancers accommodation, dancers will be provided with a fully furnished hotel apartments (DVD, TV and Wi-Fi). One room is shared by two girls. Rental price is 150 DKK for a day. This sum is deducted from dancer’s salary at the end of the contract.
For the guarantee per day, we offer 500 DKK for every night shift you work, which will be put on your salary. Dancers will receive 15% commission on bottles and in-between 30-50% on dances depends, if dances are sold with or without drinks.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the field, and we bring a new fresh style to Copenhagen.
We also believe that a club can’t exist if the dancers don’t feel happy and in a safe environment, so we always focus 100% of the time to ensure that dancers can feel safe, and most importantly can earn money…

Opening Hours:
The club works Monday – Thursday (21:00 – 05:00) and Friday – Saturday (21:00 – 07:00)
If the right guest is visiting we can keep on rolling past scheduled times
The work schedule of the club: The minimum of 5 working days.

Stage Performances:
The dancers must have the maximum of 3(two-three songs) stage performances (getting fully naked at the end of the show) every evening.
The dancer must look attractive (beautiful, sexy long dresses, well-groomed nails, hair, jewelry and make-up).
The club gives an opportunity to perfect Pole dances, more information on how, when the girls arrives.

Travel expenses / contract duration for striptease Dancers:
All the travel expenses must be paid by the dancer.
Minimum duration of the contract is 3 months with the possibility to extend it.

Danish taxes and Legal employment:
The dancer must pay 8-12% state taxes from all income regarding salary and bottle commissions, if reaching more than DKK 35.000 – DKK 50.000 (Danish Krone), then the dancers will have to pay a higher tax rate between 37-45% of Danish Taxes, but don’t worry, the club prepares all relevant documents related to dancer’s taxes and legal employment.