Express make-up remover, micellar water your best option

When it comes to removing the most intense makeup, the micellar water can be somewhat short. But … who has not used it as an express make-up remover or an immediate cleansing? But micellar water, which bases its cleaning power on the way its micelles trap and capture dirt, removing it without irritating, has more uses. Some, possibly, will surprise you!

In the absence of water, soap and hydroalcoholic gel … micellar water is good! It is true that something expensive comes out as an alternative to a traditional hand washing, but it is a good resource for immediate cleaning. Just pour a little in the hollow of the hand, distribute it well and ready!

Dirty brushes and brushes? No Please. In this case the micellar water can also be a good help and help to eliminate makeup remains in a short time. Pour some cleaning water into a bowl and gently move the bristles into it, without pulling on the hair of the brush.

How about as a decongestant eye mask? If you have risen with eyes more swollen than a hot air balloon, soak two cotton balls in micellar water and leave them in the fridge for five to ten minutes. Then, make yourself comfortable, place the cottons over your eyes while you put your feet up and let the combination of water and cold work its magic.

No time to shower after the gym? It is time to resort to an XL size of micellar water to refresh not only the face, but also other conflicting areas, such as the armpits.

If this water is good to remove makeup from the face … it will also be good for makeup stains on clothes, right? Effectively! The secret is to try to eliminate the stain as soon as possible and only on resistant fabrics, such as cotton.

One of our favorite tricks with micellar water is to use it to reduce excess perfume. Either because we have tasted a perfume that horrifies us, or because we have gone hand in hand with quantity and we have no intention of suffocating those around us, soaking a cotton ball in micellar water, posing it where we have sprayed! Fragrance is a way to mitigate the olfactory intensity.