Ideas for Halloween costumes

It’s time for Halloween parties and costumes but if you’re one of the girls who do not like to be scary with their costumes, now we have the 7 perfect Halloween costumes to see you sexy, we are sure that you will be the sensation of all the parties.

Halloween costumes


It’s about dressing more like a Playboy bunny than a rabbit bunny. This costume is undoubtedly one of the best and sexiest, you only need black stockings, a headband with ears and a black belt leotard. Something you should not forget is a fluffy ball of the material you want to make the rabbit tail. This amazing costume.

Little devil

Do you want to show off how naughty you can be? Then you need this little devil costume for this Halloween, you will love it.

Mummy woman

Mummies are not always ugly, you can be the sexiest. This costume is perhaps the simplest to make, you only need old white or gray rags and bandages, rolled around your body and can be just as impressive as in the next image.

As characters of The Purge

Do you want to be scared but still look very sexy? Then you need just a little bit of sensual lingerie and the masks of the movie The Purge, we are sure that you will achieve your goal.

Sexy skeletons

If you want to go more traditional but with a sexy touch, you need a black leotard, black stockings and paint your face and face like a skeleton. You will be the sexiest party of Halloween.

Wedding Dress

If you like scary costumes but want to look sexy, this sexy half-dead bride costume is going to love you. You only need a set of sexy white lingerie, a veil and a lot of red paint to make marquitas of blood. Terrifying and sexy, right?


We add one more to the list because it’s fun to see a sexy Harry Potter character, that’s why it’s your turn now.

For Harry Potter fans, what better than a sexy Gryffindor costume …