How much does a stripper usually earn per night?

The earnings of a professional stripper per night can depend on various factors, the first and most fundamental the development of the stripper in their work, because it is not the same a dancer who is very outgoing with all customers and the main thing is a good attitude because customers pay to watch her dance, smile and have a different time at the club thanks to you. Another factor that is of mere importance is alcohol, for anyone it is a secret that the night is very long and if you add to this the music, the people and the customers who always invite drinks, you must be very careful because nobody likes it a past dancer with drinks.

Winnings of strippers by night

Below we will show you salaries per night, earnings or tips in different clubs with which we work directly


Club Prague


Club St. Gallen


Club Costa Brava


Club Karsen


Club Hannover

These are some of the most striking gains of the clubs with which we work today, it is very important to emphasize that these gains depend mainly on the development of the dancer at work, in addition to this we recommend you read the other posts on our website so that you have a wider knowledge about our wonderful world of strippers. If you liked this article you can share it through your social networks with all your friends.