Not only is it a toned stripper body, it’s about technique and attitude!

What do you need? You can become the best stripper!

• Learn arts and skills of your movements. Put yourself in front of a mirror and rehearse your movements, just as if you were already on stage. Choose a mood music, slow and sexy. There are many on the internet with which you can build your “Play List” for the tests. Practice each wiggle and repeat each movement until it is perfect, there are no mistakes at the time of each presentation.


• Create a sensual atmosphere in your tests and look carefully at what positions you look more attractive. Repeat them again and again, these will be the ones you will adopt in your show.


• Acquire sensual lingerie for strippers according to the show you want to present.


• Even if you’re just practicing, put on your most attractive underwear. It is important that you “feel” absolutely sensory, so from the practice you must adopt that attitude. Select silk lingerie, lace, soft feathers and preferably black or red colors. Place the accessories that highlight that wardrobe, such as suspenders, tights, headdresses, etc.


• Neat appearance: You must show yourself perfect. Details such as hair removal, exfoliation, manicure, pedicure and makeup should be impeccable. Any detail that you forget can stand out with the light of the exhibition, at the moment you least expect it and this is fatal.


• Among the clothes you choose, take comfort into account. It is not advisable to wear clothes that bite or pinch in any area of ​​the body, however beautiful it may seem. You must feel that you move with pleasure in the show. Although you do not believe it, no matter how much you disguise the discomfort, it shows in your face and in the cut of the movements that you execute.


• Confide in yourself. This, perhaps, is the most important point to consider. You must be absolutely sure of what you are doing. Never think of any part of your body that you dislike while acting. Show positive and convincing attitude will be an element in your favor.


• Be creative: Build your own shows. Have several shows to promote under your sleeve. This will give you diversity when it comes to offering your attributes and it is a mechanism in your favor.


• Practice, practice and practice. It is never too much practice. You must know your show perfectly. You should never stay as if you had forgotten a part of your dance, it would be disastrous and no matter how much you disguise, you will notice your dismissal.


Once you have gathered all these elements, be prepared to succeed strippers.