The perfect makeup is an essential detail

Surely you want that when you run your show there is no one in the audience that is distracted by anything other than observing you and enjoying the exhibition. One of the most relevant aspects to get attention in this activity is makeup. Not to find yourself at a distance from the spectators, think that you do not notice the imperfections. The makeup of a stripper should be emphasized much more than you usually use for any party. The distance, the lights and the elegance of the show mean that your face is presented impeccably and perfectly outlined.

Portrait of a young attractive woman making selfie photo with smartphone on a pink studio background

Who does not like to be the center of all eyes for a good makeup?

The sexy trend makeup denotes a seductive and mysterious attitude, so you have to use the tools well to give the right use to everything.

Let’s review some details:

1. Use products of recognized brands. Little by little he buys those products that guarantee to be anti-allergic and durable. Some types of makeup are very economical, but over time, they can cause rashes or itching because they do not have strict quality control ingredients.

2. Bases and skin colors. It is important that the base you use diffuses very well on your face. In the dark, with a light that focuses directly on you, you should avoid showing certain types of imperfections that, if the base is not extended well, can be exposed.

3. If your skin is brown, there are powders and brushes with bronze shades on the market. These enhance your color and make you look bright and outstanding.

4. Enhance your tabs. Currently there is a range of very natural false eyelashes that make your look is reinforced. Masks are also essential because they provide depth and volume to your eyes.

5. Shadows: According to the show you are going to present and your wardrobe, you must combine the color of the shadow you use on your eyelids. Practice at home, before the show, to achieve the desired seductive effect.

6. Eyebrows. Paint your eyebrows with the pencil, accentuating the upper arch to give more depth and definition to the look. Then finish the effect shading with the color of your eyebrows.

7. Eyeliners: They are very useful because they highlight the outline of the eyes, even in the distance, to give the effect of having them larger. While you should emphasize its use, do not exaggerate too much.

8. Blush and brush: Discretion when using them. Too much blush on the cheeks can give an unpleasant effect when they focus the lights on you.

9. Lips: Outline the outline with a tone similar to the crayon you are going to use. This gives them volume and remember that in the show, you must add movements of your mouth to achieve a seductive effect. As for color, combine with the wardrobe the tone you prefer, always without exaggeration.

If you follow these simple tips, your makeup will look professional.