Renew your style to work with our clubs!

It is very important to renew your closet four times a year, remember that while you are in a club, your whole person is a different character that you must know how to sell to your customers who can pay large amounts of money just to see you. For this reason in this post we will help you to know how to choose incredible outfits that depending on the season of the year will be great for you and you will be very comfortable, because there is nothing more tedious than wearing long sleeves in summer!

Before starting with this little post of help for you, you should know that color greatly influences the psychological part of your customers in turn your character, so if your character is referenced with a sexy accent and a little wild the ideal for you would be bright colors, such as red.

For the period from January to March you can wear an elegant outfit with a striking neckline to attract the attention of any client, such as:

In the months of April to August, you can focus more on wearing short dresses that make you see the long legs and some fine pointed heels, this type of outfit never fails.

In the months of September to December you can vary of outfit depending on the country and the weather that this, the ideal would be to vary between a two-part outfit and long dresses.