Surprise them with your Christmas show!

That your dance becomes the most coveted Christmas gift on stage is the most.

First concentrate on the costumes. Obviously it must be Christmas but very, very sexy. Usually in the first dance you show little and as the music progresses the panorama clears.

Try to include in the outfit some complement of “marabú”, which resembles the feathers of a bird and with which you can play while the dance takes place, passing it over the spectators.

You could innovate with a kind of gift box, strategically located and tied to an accessory, where tickets can be placed.

The red shorts, very short, easily removable, could be the key to develop a Christmas show where little by little you will discover the real gift: you.

A hat or Santa hat that hides your hair is recommended. As the show progresses, you can take it out and reveal a sensual hair.

Emphasize your female anatomy. There is always a part of our body that we like and that we would like to emphasize, focus on it. It will give you security and will make the show you want to transmit special.

Remember that the audience wants to be surprised and any detail you can add to your show will make them come back to see you. Concentrate on Christmas, think of each element and make it sexy.

A minimal and red underwear is always tempting. If you add a Santa Claus belt, a hat with some feathers and high-heeled boots that reach your knees, you will have success assured.

Remember that it is better to insinuate without teaching at the beginning of the show and little by little to uncover all the erotic potential that can be hidden under clothing.

Makeup is paramount in this type of shows. Power the lines of your eyes to show a mysterious and suggestive look. The very red lips will be the point of attraction of your face and are part of the exhibition, highlights the outline.

Whatever the Christmas characterization you want to implement, always try to make sure that all the elements fit the theme and combine the colors of each one.