Being a stripper it’s more than dancing

Mainly when anyone that’s not much involved hears the word “Strippers” automatically

The person relate this to clubs, night life, naked dances and lot of money, but the truth is that is not only that but it goes beyond going daily to a club to dance and have a good time, but also that each dancers, believe it or not, have their own marketing strategy. Why? Because they’re woman that have enough audacity to sell the clients any type of products, it could be either a beverage, a bottle or even a dance in different occasions.

In this post we will explain you how can you learn these 5 marketing strategies to rise your effectiveness as a stripper inside a club. You’ll see you will love it:

Get to know your clients

This is a golden rule, thanks to this you can finances more a working relationship and make it unbreakable To achieve this, it’s important that you would have a good talkative skill and a ears to ears kind of smile. The long term advantage can be of much help.

Give without expecting nothing in return

Remember that as much as you’d spend a good time dancing and getting to know daily new people, you are competing (in a healthy way) with the other dancers, that’s why the little details are very important, an exchange of glances, a smile or even a simple “Hi” can make the difference.

Keep yourself in shape

You’re offering a product, a service in which you should be desired your clients, we advise you that you should always be updated in fashion but not in an extravagant way. Try always to put yourself up, going to the gym, eating healthy food and having a good smell.

It’s your client before and after the payment

This is something that a lot of strippers tend to forget, because they make the biggest mistake of thinking that the client is never coming back because they’re just passing by or any kind of wrong thought. You should be a good host and treat all your clients in a kind and exclusive way, to be assure of the returning of the client.

Don’t give up easily

Not every night gonna be lighten colored, there will be days in which you’ll suffer from rejectment or people that after having a bad day they’ll try to put it on you, this is the moment in which you’ll be put on proof to try on your persistment. Remember that you’re working and that you live from this. Keep up a smile and the opportunities will come by themselves with a positive attitude.

These are some of the most relevant marketing strategies inside a stripclub. Comment us

Which one have worked better on you? ❇️

Get the body of a stripper

Body of a stripper

Depending on the type of stripper you are, you should bear in mind that not everything is dancing on the tube and have a hypnotizing smile. Also influences the body of a stripper, in this post I will give you small tips that can help you very much to have that body that you want so much, it should be noted that in this world there is a lot of competition so you must be constantly innovating.

1.- Reduce the consumption of carbohydrates to be able to have the body of a stripper

If you have a diet based mainly on carbohydrates (pasta, potatoes, bread, among others) you should try to modify it, because with this diet you can’t attack the fat that you have accumulated. We recommend the use of clean carbohydrates (nuts, brown rice among others)

2.- Reduce saturated fats.

If your goal is to have the body of a stripper, you must bear in mind that this is very important to be able to carry out your goal, cut the fat from your fillet and remove the skin from your chicken whenever you can. Also try to consume fresh fish and almonds is a good substitute to this.

3.- Take a lot of water

This is very essential for day to day, thanks to this you can reduce minimum levels of fat in turn that you will be less prone to infections.

4.- Do cardiovascular exercises to have the body of a stripper

Maybe you’ve always asked yourself, “How can I reduce my waist?” Simple, try to accelerate your heart rate for at least 45 minutes 6 times a week. If you want to know at what level your heart rate should be, use this formula 220 – age + heart rate when resting x 70%. Try to do it early and in turn eat a cup of pre-workout coffee, you’ll get pretty incredible results.

5.- Act confidently

All men love a woman sure of herself, smile and you will see that such anger your night of work.