Striptease: From nightlife to choreography art

Striptease, do you know what is this?

The stripper occupation is related with night life, erotic dances and a well living youth with physical beauty as well as for man and woman. In fact, the word stripper has it meaning from the composed word “Striptease” (“strip” that means denude and “tease” fool or trick) Through a slow dance with some sort of erotic illusion to the rhythm of music, an active stripper the imagination from whom looks at them undress to please the viewer.

Nowadays is very competitive occupation that many people are willing to pay a good price for a fascinating show; going through needing people with simple beauty to physic attractiveness to persons with  higher physical and artistic preparation to going through a high level choreography in night clubs, table dances or well-known cabarets.

Striptease’s dances tendency

Gogo dance, lap and pole dances have been the most popular tendencies’ in the striptease world, going from the night time life to a more artistic choreography.

Gogo Dance

These artists’ mixs the night show with the 60’s era approximately. Their rhythmic style are linked directly with the American rock and roll and musical gender a lit of bit agitated. Their clothes, hairstyle and make up are uncommon which are easy recognized between go-go girls and go-go boys. This style is related with accessories such as cages, even defined later on to this gender as the go-go in cages, it’s considered that it was responsible for the progressive disinhibition.

Lap Dance

 Later on arrived the erotic tendency more demanding, because it requires coordination, a good and professional physical condition in it.

Pole dance

The pole dance is also well known as the bar dance, spout dance, American bar or tube dance. It evolution had allowed that includes on deportive disciplines in aerobic gymnastic.

The neatness in their movements makes it to catalog as an appendix in scenic art. Which makes it very hard for many to achieve.


The art of striptease

The choreography of dancing as a stripper is a dance that is made to the rhythm of a pop song. In many cases the ones who execute the choreography are used to wear additional clothes under their scenic vestment for increase the uncertainty and intrigue of what it cannot be seen.

Throughout the song plays, the dancer began to undress to the rhythm of music that with the accessories (tubes, strings) shows aerobic abilities and rhythm till the end of the song. The most expected moment for all of the audience.

In that instant the light of the stage goes off and the striptease manage to escape from the viewer only showing less from what’s necessary.