Generates money not only by dancing

The world of strippers is not as easy as all people think, they just think it’s riding on a stage, placing a slow song, dancing and collecting your winnings; If your thoughts are these, you are totally wrong, go further and you will only know when you are inside this world. However in this post I will share a bit of my personal experiences in clubs, from which are the most potential customers to how you can generates money in good quantities through drinking.

Generates money through beverage sales

Many go unnoticed this great gold mine, because you will not always be in the mood to be on stage and dance, in those days you can change your working methodology and focus more on generates money through the bottles sold at the club .

This you can do in a fairly simple way that every stripper must dominate in a quite natural way, socializing, if it is true that many of the dancers have a hard time socializing with clients and getting to engage in a fairly fluid conversation, but The fundamental point of this is to leave all the personal questions aside and focus more on your client, remember that he not only pays to see you, but there are some particular cases that simply pay you to listen to them, those are the clients that you should not let go during your stay in that club.

Bottles that every club has in its inventory and you cant generates money with it

• Belle Epoque Champagne
• Cosmopolitan Champagne
• Armand De Brignac Champagnes
• Champagne Moët
• Krug Vintage Brut Champagne
For these bottles the clubs usually give a good commission so if you have the opportunity, not only offer your services as a professional dancer, but also the tools that the club provides you. Keep in mind that there will not be some days that you will not be all right with your body, so a good way to not miss a day’s work is to opt for this incredible method to generates money.