Some things you should know when going to a club

Always have the customer’s attention

You’re the stripper, the cheerleader, so if your customers start taking out the phone to answer a text message that can last all night, maybe you’re doing something wrong. Always remember to practice your dances in front of a mirror, so that you have more confidence in yourself and do not conge in fear of the public, or if you are wrong you can solve it in the fastest and most sensual way.

Don’t let them record you or take pictures of you

In some countries or states, recording or taking stripper videos without their consent is a misdemeanor. Why is it not highly recommended that you be in front of a camera? The answer is very simple, you as a dancer want to be very famous within your comfort zone and most importantly, only within the club. There is a very famous saying that says “What happens in the club, stays in club”


This is the most important thing when you’re a stripper, because thanks to this is where you can get the biggest profits of the night. But it is also very important that you know that while performing dance shows, both in bar and in private, the client cannot touch you, nor kiss you. Keep in mind the golden rule “Look with your eyes, not with your hands”


The competition between the dancers is a healthy way to test all your skills inside and outside the tube. If it’s your first time in a club, do not be scared, it’s just a healthy competition where you can see how much you can do, how and when.
The world of erotic dancers is something very difficult to understand, but little by little you will adapt in a quite spectacular way. Do you want to work with us? Contact us and fulfill your dreams!