Human trafficking and how to avoid being a victim


Trafficking in persons is a crime of a global nature that occurs in many countries of the world. Its purposes include sexual exploitation, serfdom or servile marriage, begging, forced labor and organ trafficking. However, the most common are sexual and labor abuse, unfortunate situations that bring together approximately 21 million victims, according to worldwide figures of the International Labor Organization in 2019.


The best way to avoid falling into these trafficking networks is through prevention

Ending this reality is a task that requires hard work, international cooperation, research by national entities and, of course, the support of the population. Perhaps, at some point in your day while you were hearing about the news about trafficking in girls, boys, adolescents, women and men on television, radio, the Internet or newspapers, you asked yourself: How can trafficking in persons be avoided? The answer is not simple, since the networks dedicated to this illegal activity are too many, they move constantly and change their methods of recruitment. However, there are some practices that can help prevent more people from being caught, harmed and exploited.

Actions to avoid being a victim of human trafficking

It is normal to feel vulnerable to this problem, therefore, knowing the prevention guidelines to avoid being a victim of trafficking or to prevent someone else from being a victim is necessary.

• Verify job offers: Many cases of the crime of trafficking in persons have started with an offer of employment with great benefits in salary and benefits. Generally, the work is in a city or country different from that of the victim. The person making the offer is usually interested in your visa or accommodation process and even gets the money to ensure your travel. Before traveling, it is best to verify that the work proposals are true.

• Be informed about trafficking in persons: Being informed is a barrier to protection against this crime because you will know some of the ways of recruitment, you will be able to identify the signals that warn of deception, you will differentiate trafficking in human trafficking, you will be aware of the Situations that victims experience, the scenarios in which trafficking occurs most and how to act in case of being at risk or find someone who is. There are numerous international organizations that offer information on this, such as the International Organization for Migration, the UN Refugee Agency or the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

• Build a support network: When victims of human trafficking do not realize that they have been deceived and go to a new destination in the hands of traffickers, the reaction that must be followed is by those around them: their parents, relatives, friends, neighbors and acquaintances. What are the warning signs? Casual calls or total loss of contact, little communication about their life or work situation, lack of time to visit their city of origin or inability to receive their loved ones are some of them. Support networks are built through dialogue and knowledge of reality. If you do not have the opportunity to notify the authorities about your situation, your support network will do so.

• Use the Internet correctly: The digital world is one of the resources used by trafficking networks to contact their victims. Sometimes they only need personal information to capture girls, boys, adolescents and adults. For this reason, take care of the data you post on social networks, do not accept friend invitations from strangers, do not send suggestive or explicit photos, inform your family if you receive threats and report to the authorities when someone harasses you.

• Travel with caution: Travel with copies of your identity documents (ID or passport), whether you travel internationally, nationally or locally. Inquire previously what places you can visit or what numbers you can call if you are at risk.

• Complaint: Do not be afraid to report situations that seem unusual to you. The complaint is a fundamental step to eradicate trafficking in persons. If you are a victim, talk. This will help other people who are living this reality or who will. Also, as a victim, you will not be accused of any crime, you will be protected by law.

These six actions are essential to prevent sexual exploitation, forced labor, servitude and other purposes related to human trafficking. Start applying them in your life and share this initiative with your acquaintances. In this way, the support network will be extended. If you want to know more about it or report a case, contact us. The fight against this crime requires the effort of all.


Being a stripper it’s more than dancing

Mainly when anyone that’s not much involved hears the word “Strippers” automatically

The person relate this to clubs, night life, naked dances and lot of money, but the truth is that is not only that but it goes beyond going daily to a club to dance and have a good time, but also that each dancers, believe it or not, have their own marketing strategy. Why? Because they’re woman that have enough audacity to sell the clients any type of products, it could be either a beverage, a bottle or even a dance in different occasions.

In this post we will explain you how can you learn these 5 marketing strategies to rise your effectiveness as a stripper inside a club. You’ll see you will love it:

Get to know your clients

This is a golden rule, thanks to this you can finances more a working relationship and make it unbreakable To achieve this, it’s important that you would have a good talkative skill and a ears to ears kind of smile. The long term advantage can be of much help.

Give without expecting nothing in return

Remember that as much as you’d spend a good time dancing and getting to know daily new people, you are competing (in a healthy way) with the other dancers, that’s why the little details are very important, an exchange of glances, a smile or even a simple “Hi” can make the difference.

Keep yourself in shape

You’re offering a product, a service in which you should be desired your clients, we advise you that you should always be updated in fashion but not in an extravagant way. Try always to put yourself up, going to the gym, eating healthy food and having a good smell.

It’s your client before and after the payment

This is something that a lot of strippers tend to forget, because they make the biggest mistake of thinking that the client is never coming back because they’re just passing by or any kind of wrong thought. You should be a good host and treat all your clients in a kind and exclusive way, to be assure of the returning of the client.

Don’t give up easily

Not every night gonna be lighten colored, there will be days in which you’ll suffer from rejectment or people that after having a bad day they’ll try to put it on you, this is the moment in which you’ll be put on proof to try on your persistment. Remember that you’re working and that you live from this. Keep up a smile and the opportunities will come by themselves with a positive attitude.

These are some of the most relevant marketing strategies inside a stripclub. Comment us

Which one have worked better on you? ❇️

Generates money not only by dancing

The world of strippers is not as easy as all people think, they just think it’s riding on a stage, placing a slow song, dancing and collecting your winnings; If your thoughts are these, you are totally wrong, go further and you will only know when you are inside this world. However in this post I will share a bit of my personal experiences in clubs, from which are the most potential customers to how you can generates money in good quantities through drinking.

Generates money through beverage sales

Many go unnoticed this great gold mine, because you will not always be in the mood to be on stage and dance, in those days you can change your working methodology and focus more on generates money through the bottles sold at the club .

This you can do in a fairly simple way that every stripper must dominate in a quite natural way, socializing, if it is true that many of the dancers have a hard time socializing with clients and getting to engage in a fairly fluid conversation, but The fundamental point of this is to leave all the personal questions aside and focus more on your client, remember that he not only pays to see you, but there are some particular cases that simply pay you to listen to them, those are the clients that you should not let go during your stay in that club.

Bottles that every club has in its inventory and you cant generates money with it

• Belle Epoque Champagne
• Cosmopolitan Champagne
• Armand De Brignac Champagnes
• Champagne Moët
• Krug Vintage Brut Champagne
For these bottles the clubs usually give a good commission so if you have the opportunity, not only offer your services as a professional dancer, but also the tools that the club provides you. Keep in mind that there will not be some days that you will not be all right with your body, so a good way to not miss a day’s work is to opt for this incredible method to generates money.

Striptease: From nightlife to choreography art

Striptease, do you know what is this?

The stripper occupation is related with night life, erotic dances and a well living youth with physical beauty as well as for man and woman. In fact, the word stripper has it meaning from the composed word “Striptease” (“strip” that means denude and “tease” fool or trick) Through a slow dance with some sort of erotic illusion to the rhythm of music, an active stripper the imagination from whom looks at them undress to please the viewer.

Nowadays is very competitive occupation that many people are willing to pay a good price for a fascinating show; going through needing people with simple beauty to physic attractiveness to persons with  higher physical and artistic preparation to going through a high level choreography in night clubs, table dances or well-known cabarets.

Striptease’s dances tendency

Gogo dance, lap and pole dances have been the most popular tendencies’ in the striptease world, going from the night time life to a more artistic choreography.

Gogo Dance

These artists’ mixs the night show with the 60’s era approximately. Their rhythmic style are linked directly with the American rock and roll and musical gender a lit of bit agitated. Their clothes, hairstyle and make up are uncommon which are easy recognized between go-go girls and go-go boys. This style is related with accessories such as cages, even defined later on to this gender as the go-go in cages, it’s considered that it was responsible for the progressive disinhibition.

Lap Dance

 Later on arrived the erotic tendency more demanding, because it requires coordination, a good and professional physical condition in it.

Pole dance

The pole dance is also well known as the bar dance, spout dance, American bar or tube dance. It evolution had allowed that includes on deportive disciplines in aerobic gymnastic.

The neatness in their movements makes it to catalog as an appendix in scenic art. Which makes it very hard for many to achieve.


The art of striptease

The choreography of dancing as a stripper is a dance that is made to the rhythm of a pop song. In many cases the ones who execute the choreography are used to wear additional clothes under their scenic vestment for increase the uncertainty and intrigue of what it cannot be seen.

Throughout the song plays, the dancer began to undress to the rhythm of music that with the accessories (tubes, strings) shows aerobic abilities and rhythm till the end of the song. The most expected moment for all of the audience.

In that instant the light of the stage goes off and the striptease manage to escape from the viewer only showing less from what’s necessary.

Discover How to Be Strippers


Making the decision to be Strippers is not easy, as it carries some sacrifices, there are still taboos with this profession. But if you are aware of your professionalism, personality and ethics. You will know that it is a job like another. Likewise, human beings evolve in our way of thinking constantly, today or tomorrow these taboos begin to disappear.


This dance has many benefits to develop safety on the dance floor, helps enough to start the strippers, is an excellent sporting activity for the body.


Having an activity is always important in any job, and more if it is in this activity, in this work as if it had been a physical activity and care of our body but we also need breaks to not have a mental and clear physical exhaustion. When working at night has an expiration date, it is recommended to work at most from 3 to 10 years, so save well and take advantage of the opportunities offered by this environment


From my personal experience for more than 10 years, it is best to go recommended, investigate or have some kind of information about the place. Although you will really know when a place is for you alone when you try, and yes you do it luxury for the income you get, so also for the good times.


This work of strippers like going to clothes, when children need the same garment, to buy or have a new one, because in the strip clubs is the same, now the club has a new clientele, it is difficult to get bored but you want to explore and know other environments. It is advisable to renew every 6 months to have more motivation.


When we refer to the care of the body does not have a meaning of being excessively beautiful or has an extraordinary physique, but if you have your eyes closed with your body, since it is a little economic.


We all have different beauties as well as personalities, we must accept others as ourselves. Every human being has different tastes as to physical. It will also advise you to define what you want and how you will achieve your goals. If you’re try to find a good club, here is your best opportunity