Being a Striper

Being a Striper

Taking aside the underestimation and myth created around these area, the striper are people with a great physical qualification for dances, good develop of their motor skills, and a great capacity of creating tough choreographies. For being a job mostly taken in a night shift, they’re are often called for night events such as bachelor and private parties.

If you want to become an erotic dancer (striper) you must have in mind that is not about the sex per se, but the ability of dancing sensually to the music rhythm. You must have the body type that follow the typical beauty standards, the man must be muscular and well defined, when the woman must follow the classic rules for breast, hips and waist beside the skin treatment making sure it should be clean and smooth looking. It’s important to never forget that your body is your working tool.

People associate with the life of striper

Usually people associate the life of a striper with parties and fun time, drinks and easy money, when it should be considered as a exigent job that takes part of the dancer’s day.

Sooner or later your body will show the result of a life full with night choreographies and heavy moves.

Though the ganancies of this job are high, is not about gaining money in an easy way because while dancing the dancers must show great gestures always wearing a smile on their faces  to entertain the customers even when it’s not always feel in the mood for doing so.

When the strippers begin to get a huge popularity, they can start gaining a more higher quantity of money and with this they can stablish their own schedule for their clients, gaining per hours in every private event.

Finally is necessary have in count that most of the time this job of striper is like having a double life because nowadays these kind of jobs are not well known in our society and with this they are often criticized and pointed out by many people, friends and family. With all of this judgment most of the time the stripper tend to change their name for their job using nicknames not to get recognized to their closest one.