Dress like a professional stripper

To be a professional stripper there are several steps to follow, the first is to have glamor, the second to be very friendly and adaptable to any type of person, and the third but more crucial, the dress. In this post we will give you some tips.

Appropriate shoes for a professional stripper

The most important thing is to choose high-heeled shoes of at least 8 centimeters, although 16 centimeters is preferable. This will be the most flattering for your legs and your stomach. If you really plan to use them to dance exoticly, look for shoes with plastic soles and plastic heels, as they will be more durable and comfortable. It is also advisable to place anti-slip pads on the bottom.

Use the right underwear

The professional stripper buys underwear to dance specifically designed for that purpose, instead of a normal or a bikini. However, if you only dress like that for fun or fashion, you could use a thong.

Use the indicated clothing

There are many options for which you can choose, and as always, the most important thing is to choose a clothing that makes you feel sensual. However, there are several other factors that you should consider. As for example: size, color, fabric and style (most important)

Use the appropriate accessories

Many genuine exotic dancers do not use many gems, as they often become a nuisance or a distraction. However, there are some options to consider. The piercings, nylon stockings, hair extensions, among others.

Use the respective makeup

Of course, there is not one way in which the professional stripper puts on makeup, and the most important thing is to find a style that makes you feel sensual.

There are thousands of didactic makeup videos available online if you want to improve your makeup. If you already have a professional experience with makeup, there are some simple ideas that you should consider; eye shadow, cat eyes, thin eyebrows, thick mascara, glossy lips and base coats with concealer.

What is striptease?

The striptease is a sensual dance, where the girl is stripped of clothes to the rhythm of the music. Generally this dance is done with a slow music so that it can encourage your audience to want to see more and the more sensual your dance you can get more money thanks to the tips thrown to the dance stage. Use your imagination, there is no exact strategy to be able to succeed in these dances, but do not be scared either, you just have to be yourself on stage. Let the music take you to its rhythm, the movements, the poses, the experience, among other things you will get them with the passage of time, cheer up. It should be noted that striptease does not mean being naked and it is the process that takes you to be naked, which makes this a true art to admire.

You can find this dance in nightclubs, table dances and cabarets. At the same time it is very important to point out that striptease is only a dance, it does NOT refer to having relationships at any time that is part of each dancer.

The most important part of the striptease, besides having a rather sensual rhythm, is the physique and costumes worn by the dancer at the time of performing the dance. Remember that this is a very well paid job so you should know two very fundamental things, the first is knowing how to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way, and there will always be fear the first time. The second, this work has a high remuneration, as I said before, the more sensual you perform your dance, you can count on more opportunities to obtain large sums of money.