Get the body of a stripper

Body of a stripper

Depending on the type of stripper you are, you should bear in mind that not everything is dancing on the tube and have a hypnotizing smile. Also influences the body of a stripper, in this post I will give you small tips that can help you very much to have that body that you want so much, it should be noted that in this world there is a lot of competition so you must be constantly innovating.

1.- Reduce the consumption of carbohydrates to be able to have the body of a stripper

If you have a diet based mainly on carbohydrates (pasta, potatoes, bread, among others) you should try to modify it, because with this diet you can’t attack the fat that you have accumulated. We recommend the use of clean carbohydrates (nuts, brown rice among others)

2.- Reduce saturated fats.

If your goal is to have the body of a stripper, you must bear in mind that this is very important to be able to carry out your goal, cut the fat from your fillet and remove the skin from your chicken whenever you can. Also try to consume fresh fish and almonds is a good substitute to this.

3.- Take a lot of water

This is very essential for day to day, thanks to this you can reduce minimum levels of fat in turn that you will be less prone to infections.

4.- Do cardiovascular exercises to have the body of a stripper

Maybe you’ve always asked yourself, “How can I reduce my waist?” Simple, try to accelerate your heart rate for at least 45 minutes 6 times a week. If you want to know at what level your heart rate should be, use this formula 220 – age + heart rate when resting x 70%. Try to do it early and in turn eat a cup of pre-workout coffee, you’ll get pretty incredible results.

5.- Act confidently

All men love a woman sure of herself, smile and you will see that such anger your night of work.

Generates money not only by dancing

The world of strippers is not as easy as all people think, they just think it’s riding on a stage, placing a slow song, dancing and collecting your winnings; If your thoughts are these, you are totally wrong, go further and you will only know when you are inside this world. However in this post I will share a bit of my personal experiences in clubs, from which are the most potential customers to how you can generates money in good quantities through drinking.

Generates money through beverage sales

Many go unnoticed this great gold mine, because you will not always be in the mood to be on stage and dance, in those days you can change your working methodology and focus more on generates money through the bottles sold at the club .

This you can do in a fairly simple way that every stripper must dominate in a quite natural way, socializing, if it is true that many of the dancers have a hard time socializing with clients and getting to engage in a fairly fluid conversation, but The fundamental point of this is to leave all the personal questions aside and focus more on your client, remember that he not only pays to see you, but there are some particular cases that simply pay you to listen to them, those are the clients that you should not let go during your stay in that club.

Bottles that every club has in its inventory and you cant generates money with it

• Belle Epoque Champagne
• Cosmopolitan Champagne
• Armand De Brignac Champagnes
• Champagne Moët
• Krug Vintage Brut Champagne
For these bottles the clubs usually give a good commission so if you have the opportunity, not only offer your services as a professional dancer, but also the tools that the club provides you. Keep in mind that there will not be some days that you will not be all right with your body, so a good way to not miss a day’s work is to opt for this incredible method to generates money.

Professional advice within a Strip Club

Become a good talker

For many, this is the most difficult part of the job. You will hear many of the same questions. What’s your real name? Why are you doing this job? Are your breasts real? What do your parents think? Do you have a boyfriend?

Do not let anyone press you to talk about what your personal business is. If you can counteract passive aggressiveness with courteous assertiveness, you will succeed in eliminating potential clients who are more problematic than they are worth.


A simple: “Have you been here before?” or “What did you do today?” It can go a long way. The hustle and bustle of a stripper is similar to that of speed dating: you are trying to gather information and meet a complete stranger in a very short time. Some people want to talk, others want to hear you talk, and many people will be happy to open up once you establish a relationship.

Avoid the drama

Avoid the hierarchy. Every competitive industry has co-workers stabbing their backs. Be kind to everyone, do not repeat the gossip and in this way everything will be harmony around you.

Your time and work have a price, because that is how transactions work. Practice saying, “No, thanks, I will not do that.” The clientele will try to bargain for the prices, touch it more than allowed, or simply refuse to pay.

Remember that your time is an asset! You, as a worker, can refuse the service, especially if someone indicates that you do not respect the rules of the club or your personal limits. Get the money first if you can. And if the guy asks (and they will), “Do not you trust me?” That’s when you smile and hit your lashes twice. “I do not trust anyone, honey.”

Practice good bustle habits

Stay away from your cell phone. It’s just a bad seller. And do not take the rejection personally. Some nights, people will not be nice to you. Understand that your deficient behavior is a reflection of your insecurity or self-internalized problems.

Become a stripper

It takes more than pole dance classes and costume selfies to become a stripper.

Stripping is a competitive sales job in a highly stigmatized environment.

Learn to dance

Strippers need to be able to dance, so if you want a concert in this industry, you’ll need at least a couple of basic moves. YouTube hosts hundreds of videos, especially if you do a search for “pole dancing dance start”. The eye contact and the smile will help you a lot.

Always remember to point your toes when you dance so you do not look like a naked adult playing in a playground.

Find a club where you feel comfortable

Take a look at the clubs with which we work in Europe, among which you can find highly potential cities to earn a lot of money dancing, in addition to each club has different requirements and rules, so take your time so you can choose the what’s more convenient for you

Already in the club you can ask more in depth about the rules of the place, some of the most frequent questions are: Are the strippers in the club protected? Do security people accompany them safely to their cars after the shifts are done? Are there rules regarding touching?

Most clubs will ask you to complete a form, so please try to answer it in the most simple and clear way, as well as attach some photos of your person where your best attributes are seen.

Discover your brand

After being accepted by a club, you have the task of discovering how you want to portray yourself to encourage the greatest amount of income.

What kind of fantasy are you selling? Track model? Girl next door? To a large extent, the way you style and behave yourself will define your customer base.

If you dress like a professional dominatrix, you will attract men who expect you to act dominantly. If she wears little makeup, barely has tattoos and maintains the color of her hair, she will attract a wider audience that will probably see her as less assertive.

Before choosing your outfit, discover what the club requires. Do you need to change clothes every hour? Can you wear the same outfit for years until it crumbles? How tall should your heels be?

Whatever your outfit, make sure the outfits are resistant to alcohol stains … and can be easily removed. Avoid complex strip artifacts; because the time it takes to untangle a five-pointed star harness literally takes away the claws of the clock when it could be rushing to do dances. Find what works for you.

Some things you should know when going to a club

Always have the customer’s attention

You’re the stripper, the cheerleader, so if your customers start taking out the phone to answer a text message that can last all night, maybe you’re doing something wrong. Always remember to practice your dances in front of a mirror, so that you have more confidence in yourself and do not conge in fear of the public, or if you are wrong you can solve it in the fastest and most sensual way.

Don’t let them record you or take pictures of you

In some countries or states, recording or taking stripper videos without their consent is a misdemeanor. Why is it not highly recommended that you be in front of a camera? The answer is very simple, you as a dancer want to be very famous within your comfort zone and most importantly, only within the club. There is a very famous saying that says “What happens in the club, stays in club”


This is the most important thing when you’re a stripper, because thanks to this is where you can get the biggest profits of the night. But it is also very important that you know that while performing dance shows, both in bar and in private, the client cannot touch you, nor kiss you. Keep in mind the golden rule “Look with your eyes, not with your hands”


The competition between the dancers is a healthy way to test all your skills inside and outside the tube. If it’s your first time in a club, do not be scared, it’s just a healthy competition where you can see how much you can do, how and when.
The world of erotic dancers is something very difficult to understand, but little by little you will adapt in a quite spectacular way. Do you want to work with us? Contact us and fulfill your dreams!

What is striptease?

The striptease is a sensual dance, where the girl is stripped of clothes to the rhythm of the music. Generally this dance is done with a slow music so that it can encourage your audience to want to see more and the more sensual your dance you can get more money thanks to the tips thrown to the dance stage. Use your imagination, there is no exact strategy to be able to succeed in these dances, but do not be scared either, you just have to be yourself on stage. Let the music take you to its rhythm, the movements, the poses, the experience, among other things you will get them with the passage of time, cheer up. It should be noted that striptease does not mean being naked and it is the process that takes you to be naked, which makes this a true art to admire.

You can find this dance in nightclubs, table dances and cabarets. At the same time it is very important to point out that striptease is only a dance, it does NOT refer to having relationships at any time that is part of each dancer.

The most important part of the striptease, besides having a rather sensual rhythm, is the physique and costumes worn by the dancer at the time of performing the dance. Remember that this is a very well paid job so you should know two very fundamental things, the first is knowing how to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way, and there will always be fear the first time. The second, this work has a high remuneration, as I said before, the more sensual you perform your dance, you can count on more opportunities to obtain large sums of money.

Protect your privacy

Your Privacy

As a girl who is, has or wants to be a stripper, at some point the great doubt of “How can I protect my privacy?” Have passed through her mind. “Could it be that I can tell you my name?” This topic is quite extensive and has many questions, but all lead to the same answer, which is a pseudonym, in addition to always being the first to speak, in this way you can avoid the uncomfortable questions of “what is your true name?”,”where do you reside?”

Either to avoid uncomfortable questions or to protect your safety, all the girls who have been in this work completely recommend the use of a pseudonym, because it not only protects you but also gives you an erotic, mysterious touch. Which is very indicated because it increases your monetary income in a rather incredible way, what do you expect to try it?

What you should to do for protect your privacy?

All you have to do is create a character. Your life will be much simpler, thanks to this. Always remember to maintain consistency so you should never remember who you told what. The stripper character that you think should be the most identical to your real life in terms of personality, but all the details should be modified to protect your privacy completely.

You will feel protected, because now you are selling the identity and the time of your character instead of yours, the client will be happy because he will feel that he is getting a special part of you that the others do not have. Do not feel bad, thinking that you are deceiving them, because it is not like that. Now you will have the doubt in your mind, why? Because they are also actresses as much as we are, so be sure to act well in order to protect your privacy.

Being a Striper

Being a Striper

Taking aside the underestimation and myth created around these area, the striper are people with a great physical qualification for dances, good develop of their motor skills, and a great capacity of creating tough choreographies. For being a job mostly taken in a night shift, they’re are often called for night events such as bachelor and private parties.

If you want to become an erotic dancer (striper) you must have in mind that is not about the sex per se, but the ability of dancing sensually to the music rhythm. You must have the body type that follow the typical beauty standards, the man must be muscular and well defined, when the woman must follow the classic rules for breast, hips and waist beside the skin treatment making sure it should be clean and smooth looking. It’s important to never forget that your body is your working tool.

People associate with the life of striper

Usually people associate the life of a striper with parties and fun time, drinks and easy money, when it should be considered as a exigent job that takes part of the dancer’s day.

Sooner or later your body will show the result of a life full with night choreographies and heavy moves.

Though the ganancies of this job are high, is not about gaining money in an easy way because while dancing the dancers must show great gestures always wearing a smile on their faces  to entertain the customers even when it’s not always feel in the mood for doing so.

When the strippers begin to get a huge popularity, they can start gaining a more higher quantity of money and with this they can stablish their own schedule for their clients, gaining per hours in every private event.

Finally is necessary have in count that most of the time this job of striper is like having a double life because nowadays these kind of jobs are not well known in our society and with this they are often criticized and pointed out by many people, friends and family. With all of this judgment most of the time the stripper tend to change their name for their job using nicknames not to get recognized to their closest one.