Take care of your face with facial cleansing

Our face is losing luminosity and uniformity in the tone of the skin, but luckily it is something that is in our own hands to avoid with a good facial cleansing. The impurities, pollution and the own fat that our skin generates can end up clogging our pores and preventing our skin from breathing properly. So that this does not happen, we must bear in mind the importance of having a good facial and take it as a habit in our day to day.


Although, day after day, we fight against impurities with our daily cleaning ritual, it is necessary to perform every three or four months (ideally with every change of season), a professional facial cleansing that completely restores levels of hygiene necessary to keep our face in perfect condition. Keep that in mind!

If you do not want to go to the beauty center, opt for professional products that will allow you to clean at home. The cleaning brushes are an ideal option to clean the skin in depth.


Have you ever gone through periods in which your skin was more oily or drier than normal? This may be due to multiple factors, such as weather, food or stress … to try to achieve a balance in the state of our skin we have to act against external agents that weaken our face and lead to imperfections such as acne , dryness, aging or spots and wrinkles.

A complete facial cleansing will balance our levels of fat and hydration, improving completely the appearance and health of our skin by eliminating all those substances that are harmful to our skin, such as makeup remnants.


At least once a month, when we do a facial cleansing, we have to take advantage to decongest the pores of the skin and remove those black spots that prevent our skin from breathing. It is particularly important to perform this type of treatment in oily skin or acne-prone, since they are skins that have a greater production of sebum, and therefore are more prone to have dilated and clogged pores. However, if you have many acne problems or similar, we recommend that you ask your dermatologist for advice for proper treatment.

If you do not want to go to the beauty center every month to perform this cleaning, get a blackhead extractor, you will have professional results and you will get clean skin with decongested pores whenever you want.