Tips to prepare your face before putting on makeup

Before applying makeup there are 3 tasks that you have to do to make the makeup adhere correctly and look good. Here we tell you what are the steps to follow to prepare the face before the make up. Pay attention!

First step to make up: clean your face

Before applying any makeup, cleaning is a must. This step will not only allow the products to adhere better, but it will remove all the toxins, impurities and dirt accumulated on your face. Use a cleanser according to your skin type, apply it with cotton discs and then rinse.

Second step: tone your skin to make-up

At the end of the cleaning, you should continue with a tonic that removes the remains of impurities that remain on the skin and close the pores while, as the name implies, tones your dermis. When placing it, the skin should be perfectly clean so it passes the cotton with product as many times as necessary until you notice it impeccable after passing it.

Here you should also look for the product according to your skin: while the astringent lotions are used in normal skins to fats; toning lotions are used on sensitive or dry skin because they do not contain alcohol and are softer.

Third step: hydrates in depth

The last, but not least, step to follow is hydration. After a deep cleaning, the dermis is usually somewhat dry and perhaps irritated. Therefore, finishing with a special moisturizer for faces that repairs it is essential.

If the skin is moisturized, not only the makeup will look better but it will remain impeccable for hours. Look for those products according to your skin type and special for that area of ​​the body. Also, choose bases that come with moisturizing ingredients so you do everything at once.

Keep these three steps in mind and make the makeup look flawless all day long.